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Never before has competition to recruit and retain tech people been so intense.

For hiring managers and candidates alike, we use our deep sector knowledge and experience. You can count on us to understand your business or individual needs and match like-minded people to the right technology roles, teams and business culture.

As speed to market, flexibility, and cost effectiveness are brought under ever sharper scrutiny, we support clients with access to high calibre business support candidates for both temporary and permanent roles.

Drawing on our comprehensive database of pre-screened and experienced admin, event, customer service, telesales, marketing, HR and payroll candidates, we can help you quickly fill the gaps and optimise your business productivity and efficiency.

Unprecedented demand for people in the finance and accounting sector continues to intensify talent shortages in this field.

We can help you to identify, attract and recruit talented professionals in everything from audit, financial control, tax and treasury, to take advantage of market opportunities for growth.

With long-term relationships with candidates and clients, our highly experienced team of industry professionals have built their reputation on recruiting stellar performers in sales, marketing & communications.

We are passionate about putting the right people in the right positions. And this means finding individuals that will make a genuine impact on your brand, target market and bottom line.

For Sirius Industrious, finding and recruiting reliable and qualified blue collar workers is no production line. It’s a skill. One we’ve developed through our strong relationships with clients and candidates alike.

Using our comprehensive database as well as the latest technologies, we find the right workers to meet your exact needs, whether it’s for a day, a week, a month, or permanently.

When it makes sense to engage HR experts to meet an immediate HR or WHS need or you want to outsource your HR, our Sirius Business Solutions team can help you with a flexible, fixed cost solution on or offsite.

We can help you solve HR issues and improve key metrics. Benefit from better fit candidates in pre-employment selection, improve employee engagement and onboarding with new mobile technology, and embrace agile performance management.

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